Valle del Re - ON PREMISE ONLY

(Liquor licenced trade customers)

The King Valley is known for its stunning natural beauty, rolling hills and fertile soils. Perfect conditions for growing grapes. Valle del Re is a celebration of the King Valley’s Italian varieties and a tribute to the passion of the growers and winemakers that call this wine region home. The name itself means “Valley of the King” in Italian. The Valle del Re range is dedicated to the careful selection of Italian grape varieties from some of the best vineyards in the King Valley.

The King Valley is one of a cluster of wine regions in North East Victoria, nestled among the foothills of the Australian Alps. A local wine industry has been around since the late 19th Century and today serves as something of an enclave for Italian grape varieties. King Valley’s topography and climate is characterized by varying altitudes and temperatures across its length. On the valley floor with an altitude of approx. 150 metres the temperatures are warm to hot, with the continental climate making the summers sometimes intense. The altitude progressively increases the more one moves south, reaching as high as 800 metres on the Whitlands plateau. A noticeable diurnal temperature variation ensures that this ripening process is slow and steady, letting the grapes retain their acidity as they develop varietal complexity. As with the climate, viticulture practices are varied and are chosen with the vineyard site, soils, variety and wine styles at the forefront of mind. The King Valley wine region is characterized by widespread plantings of Prosecco, Sangiovese and Pinot Grigio - all of which pay respect to the region’s Italian heritage along with smaller plantings of Pinot Nero, Barbera and other varieties.

Our packaging strongly reflects the Italian name and heritage of the King Valley. Vintage Venetian tiles feature the striking blue from the House of Savoy and strongly associated with Italian national sporting teams. The gold frame sits proudly on the tiles, highlighting our name, vintage, region and variety. A classic Venetian crown adorns the top of our bottle.

Currently available (to wholesale and trade customers) in the Valle del Re range:

Valle del Re 2023 Pinot Grigio

Valle del Re 2022 Pinot Nero

Valle del Re NV Prosecco and Prosecco Piccolos

Valle del Re 2023 Sangiovese Rosé