Valle del Re Prosecco GOLD

Valle del Re Prosecco GOLD

Valle del Re King Valley NV Prosecco Wins Gold at the National Wine Show of Australia

We are thrilled to announce that Valle del Re NV Prosecco from Victorian Alps Wine Co. has been awarded a prestigious Gold Medal at the 2024 National Wine Show of Australia. The National Wine Show of Australia has been a highlight on the Australian Wine Industry calendar since it began in 1975. Only wines that have won gold or silver at one of the 32 qualifying regional, capital city and state shows are accepted into the National Wine Show for judging. This means that it is the most competitive and rigorous wine show in Australia. This esteemed recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and winemaking excellence.

The King Valley, known as Australia's premier Prosecco region, provides the perfect terroir for producing world-class sparkling wines. Nestled in the picturesque Victorian Alps, this unique region offers a cool climate, rich soils, and pristine water sources, creating ideal conditions for growing the Prosecco grape.

Our dedicated team at Victorian Alps Wine Co has meticulously crafted Valle del Re King Valley Prosecco to reflect the distinctive characteristics of this exceptional region. Each bottle encapsulates the vibrant flavours and effervescence that King Valley Prosecco is renowned for, making it a delightful choice for any occasion.

We take immense pride in this accolade and extend our gratitude to the National Wine Show of Australia for recognising our efforts. This gold medal not only celebrates our Prosecco but also shines a spotlight on the King Valley's burgeoning reputation as a top-tier wine-growing region.

Our Valle del Re NV Prosecco is only available on premise, so make sure you ask for it at your favourite venue!

Cheers to quality, excellence, and the unparalleled beauty of King Valley Prosecco!

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