The Buffalo Chardonnay - Drop Dead Gorgeous

The Buffalo Chardonnay - Drop Dead Gorgeous

The Buffalo range is an ode to the spectacular jewel of Victoria’s Alpine region that is Mount Buffalo. Home to unique flora that is found nowhere else in the world, granite tors, stunning sunsets, waterfalls and epic views. Likewise, The Buffalo range highlight the unique personality, purity and characteristics of our wines that are grown in our Alpine region in particular the King Valley.

The Buffalo 2022 Chardonnay has delicate yet complex aromas of fresh arrowroot spice, lemon citrus zest and ripe peach with hints of nougat. The palate has a clear, focused acid wrapped in flavours of Meyer lemon, custard tart and ripe stone fruit. Balanced and layered our wine has the definition of King Valley purity and length of flavour coupled with beautifully paired oak providing structure, texture and a long persistent finish.

We LOVE this Chardonnay but don't just take our word for it, read what Dan Traucki has to say:

I fell in love with good Chardonnay as soon as I had tasted 2-3 of them back in the 1980’s. No not the 4x2 timber ones which sucked the cheeks out of you, nor with the battery acid- Sav Blanc wannabes of the 1990’s and 2000’s but with rich slightly buttery and or creamy flavour packed quality Chardonnay.
For a long time buying Chardonnay was like playing Russian Roulette, because you didn’t know what you were getting until you had it in your mouth, and then often it was too late to avoid an acid attack.
So for many years I went off the Chardonnay raffle and focused on - aged Riesling & Semillon, and then the new kids on the block like #fiano, #arinto, #pinotblanc, #picpoul, #savagnin, #Grillo, #Verdejo, #albarino and most of all the magnificent #grunerveltliner.
Over more recent years, I have tasted a stack of Aussie Chardie’s and whilst most have been good wines, very, very few have “floated my boat” other than the likes of Leeuwin Estate, Giaconda, Tyrell’s Vat 47, Mount Mary, Bass Phillip, Willem Kurtz etc.
Well one that certainly has got me excited right now is the stunning new cool climate offering from Victorian Alps Wine Company- their ‘Buffalo’ 2022 King Valley (Victoria) Chardonnay.
This magnificent cool climate #chardonnay has a superbly elegant bouquet of subtle stone fruits with a splash of citrus. The palate is rich, sophisticated, tight yet slightly creamy with lashings of divine flavours and an excellent refreshing. Lingering finish.
This wine will evolve over the next few years to become one of those brilliant Chardonnay oozing creamy butteryness and complex ‘ to die for’ flavours. IF I awarded points it would be at least 102 0r 103/100.
Drop Dead Gorgeous, with the best yet to come!!!
Check this gem out, along with the rest of their exciting range at
Well until next week, stay safe and #chooseaustralianwine
Dan T

Twitter: @dandawineman
Facebook: dan.traucki

Available online now - The Buffalo 2022 Chardonnay
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